Uwe Schafer is an ex-banker turned Mortgage Fraud Researcher, and has documented his adventures through the Australian court system on his website, FreeSpeechAustralia.org, which officially launched today!  Visit the website for full details and court documents.

Please check out his video, Fountain Pen Money.

Follow the story as it shines a light into this racket, revealing facts and events based on a story of one Perth family.  Learn how a Perth Finance Broker finds out the ugly truth about banking, compelling him to immediately leave the industry.  Four years later, and two years into court matters to get to the bottom of it, have revealed fascinating insights into the biggest fraud humanity is coming to grips with – the illusion of loans and money and the mechanics used by the GLOBAL DEBT SLAVERY gatekeepers, the bankers, lawyers, government departments (all also private corporations), ombudsmen, and the courts, all nicely covered up by their personal mainstream media.

And in related news, 60 Minutes Australia will be doing a piece this coming Sunday night on Banks vs. Farmers, focusing on a family being bullied off of their farm through fraudulent foreclosure, and the trailer had 90,000 views then disappeared off of Facebook, and is now back and already up to 24,000 views on its second run.


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