What most people think of as courts of law are in reality for-profit corporate enterprises masquerading as justice systems, owned and operated by special interests.

Please listen to this exclusive interview of a retired Senior FBI Investigator specializing in financial fraud, speaking anonymously to protect identity.

These timestamps mark some of the key soundbites:

07:38  “Speaking for my agency, the average law enforcement officer has no clue what really is going on behind the scenes.”

08:35  $3 Billion fraud case at Taylor, Bean and Whitaker involved double- and triple-pledging of loans and phantom loans.

13:05  Shocking insights about how mortgages and banking work….

23:38  “For me, going into the CRIS account, which is the Court Registry Investment System, people have no understanding how the judiciary has been looped in on this and monetarily benefits…. You’ve got to get into the direct treasury accounts, find out how they’re embezzling money from the average citizen.  That information is evidence that cannot be refuted.”

26:03  “It’s the ITNJ that can bring some legitimacy, and then you need that subpoena power so you can show the people, but more importantly so you can show law enforcement how they have been deceived.”


In full transparency, we are happy to disclose that this retired Senior FBI Officer has been working with the ITNJ for many months.  This Officer’s support and endorsement of this initiative is a powerful statement to law enforcement and intelligence officers everywhere, and we urge you to share this interview with all your friends and family working for those agencies.

This interview was originally broadcast on May 4, 2015, as part of our Countdown to the Launch of the ITNJ online event.



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