Milwaukee, WI — Bishop Kennedy was relaxing in his own home on a Saturday afternoon last month, when two police officers rudely interrupted him.

The two officers, Gonzalez, and Wolf, claimed to have been doing a welfare check on Kennedy. They said someone called in and said he might be trying to overdose to hurt himself. However, it was clear that Kennedy was vibrant and nowhere close to an overdose.

Clear-headed and assertive, Kennedy refused to allow the officers to push him around in his own house. He demanded they leave.

Kennedy, also well within his rights, refused to give the officers his name.

“Y’all don’t scare me,” says Kennedy. “Y’all would scare me if I had done something wrong.”

“If you didn’t want somebody in your house, wouldn’t you tell them to get out of your house,” says Kennedy as officer Wolf looks on like a deer in headlights.

Eventually, Kennedy’s rights flexing abilities wear down the officers, and they leave. Kennedy even goes so far as to make sure they shut the gate on their way out.

Well done sir, well done.

Reposted from by Matt Agorist on March 30, 2015