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Reposted from Pennsylvania Court Watch.

While most mainstream media outlets are still on the judicial bandwagon, it appears that rather than get caught in the crossfire, some are starting CYA campaigns.   More journalists are exposing each day, that the lives of millions of Americans over the last fifty years, have been destroyed because of abuse of power and collusion by judges and attorneys. The perpetrators of these damages have not yet been named by them as the American Bar Association and its State subsidiaries, that have continually manipulated court rules to block all avenues of protection and restitution against the courts.

But change is coming – albeit slowly.  Just today, in Orange County, California- one unusual judge decided to ignore peer pressure from his fellow bar members, and disqualified 250 prosecutors – citing a total infestation of corruption in their criminal justice system.  In Lehigh County, Pennsylvania today, a defense attorney spoke out aggressively in court and called the Court of Judge Kelly Banach a farce.  In Centre County, PA, a judge and a district attorney were caught having ex parte communications, through subpoena of their cell phone records, which were handed over to two defense attorneys, by the Right to Know Office.  This resulted in a major investigation that is still ongoing, with the judge filing a lawsuit to have his cell phone records destroyed.  The Huffington Post reported that a new study finds that State crimes labs are paid per conviction.  supporting the report by the FBI that DNA evidence has been compromised in thousands of cases, over the last 15 years,  and may have resulted in false convictions.

People entrusted with the most powerful offices were gifted absolute immunity from prosecution by the bar, a private “non-profit,’ which is the licensing entity for the legal profession.  Lawyers are the only profession that are not licensed by the government.  The majority of our legislators and elected officials are members of the bar associations.  Even more absurd is that federal judges have lifetime tenure on top of absolute immunity.  A professor of economics has presented empirical evidence that the implementation of judicial immunity was a grave error in our history, and where we took a very wrong turn.

Thanks to the digital age, the resulting epidemic of corruption is being exposed by dedicated individuals who maintain their own websites and grassroots movements.  It is clear that some vocations just do not mix with capitalism, and the law is certainly number one on that list. It is estimated that 40,000 Americans are falsely imprisoned, and millions have had assets extorted by lawyers and judges racketeering by complicating cases to increase legal fees, with no where to turn for help.  The judicial conduct boards have proven themselves useless and part of the problem.   Americans are basically trapped in a crime syndicate, once they get involved in the court system.

It has been five years since the charges and conviction of the judges in the Kids for Cash Scandal. The pain has not gone away for those families that were victimized by their own government.




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