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Voices of NewEarth

 We are tokenizing Voices of New Earth to easily apply decentralized and transparent methods to our media production. Tokens are digital values issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

To wrap your head around the mecanices and importance of how this works, please read the FAQ page on Tokit for more info.

In the context of Voices of New Earth and NewEarth Media, tokens represent intellectual property, utility functions, rewards participation & fungibility.

This will help support all media distribution which includes online seminars, magazines and films. 


Innovative Ideas

You will have direct access to industry experts delivering the content they want and the way they choose.


Interactive Classrooms

Connect with the community through live seminars and breakout rooms during and after chats.

High Quality Video

The bar has been raised as we move onto professional teams with professional equipment.



Watch an episode or participate in a seminar.


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Unlimited access to all content for an entire year.


Thomas Joseph Brown live seminar:


Thomas Joseph Brown

Busting the Myths

* Big Bang
* Black Holes
* Expanding Universe
* Flat Earth
* Rainbow Chakras

and much more!

Danielle brooks - Love codes:


Danielle Brooks

Love Codes

Danielle is a sound alchemist who sings Creation codes that realign you with your Divine truth and authentic power.

Her work is both practical and profound.

What PEOPLE Are Saying

What do our past students think of the course?

Thomas was a big teddy bear full of inspiration and wonder! I was completely blown away and the effects of all that awe left me speechless for almost a week! I recommended this course to all of my friends and family and even my vet who has come from another planet to help humanity.

Julie Farr

New Media Writer

Danielle Brooks makes quantum space travel seem like child's play. Her voice has a magical way of getting to the core emotion of what your healing and clears space for love to do what love does best. Her heart warming presence is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

John Doe

Affiliate Press Writer

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