Returning to the Spirit of the Law

A case against our public servants who violate their oaths of office and do harm to the people

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Our fundraising campaign is still under construction.
We are accepting contributions during pre-launch.
We await announcement of dates for the trial.

Returning to the Spirit of the Law

When the scales are in balance between
the Spirit of the Law and the Letter of the Law,
heart and mind, there will be peace and harmony.
There can be no peace without justice.
There can be no justice without rule of law.

UZA Seal from Alan darker


TOC image Your Rights

The Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa, aka Unified Grand Jury ZA, hereinafter UZA,

has filed suit against the Constitutional Court of South Africa.

A provisional criminal complaint has been filed with the ITNJ, and UZA has the honour of bringing the first case before the ITNJ:

This is the case of “The People” of South Africa, represented by UZA v. our public servants who made a solemn oath to serve and protect the people; instead they are acting as agents for a CORPORATE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA in the interests of foreign corporations and in the interests of the foreign shareholders, which is unconstitutional!  Anything unconstitutional is null and void, back to the beginning of the fraud. 

In the words of Ronnie Kasrils:  “Our people were sold down the river.”  Our court case will reveal the truth.



South Africa Is In Constitutional and Financial Crisis

Based on our investigations we allege that Southern Africa has NO lawful government — the offices are vacant.  The de facto “government” and all its agencies have been INCORPORATED as FRANCHISES with private foreign shareholders and have abandoned the original Bill of Rights and the original Constitution of the original Republic of South Africa and the original intent, interpretation, object, purport and spirit thereof;

And, whereas the oath of office that public servants ever so solemnly promised to act in good faith under, has also been abandoned by corporate greed; we, the people were caught asleep at the wheel with the result that we are now being plundered by the public servants we elected to serve and protect us as servants, not as dictators!  And, it has now reached crisis proportions;

Our country and society and our very soul is already burning and suffering severe damage because there is a vacuum and so few are fighting the good fight;

We are notifying all courts, key government departments, banks, and key agents to cease and desist further commercial claims against the ‘citizens’ as they are living people with already established rights which the Constitution is meant to protect.

See this page for documents previously filed with the Constitutional Court of South Africa and documents filed with the ITNJ.



UZA Is Moving to Restore People’s Courts

UZA is taking representative administrative action on behalf of we, the people to re-establish people’s courts on the land where all are equally accountable as peers, and no longer will criminals be able to hide behind corporations or governments.

The remedy we are seeking from the ITNJ is restoration of our Peoples Courts, funded by the government of South Africa.  From there, our own Peoples Courts will be able to issue a moratorium on foreclosures, conduct investigations into fraudulent banking practices, and hold truth and reconciliation hearings.

See info on Restorative Justice here:




Community Banks Return the Power to the People

The people have the fundamental right to participate in their own banks, alternative currency and exchanges, and stockvels, and to develop creative and innovative mechanisms in positive economics; and, the 1994 RDP Policy Framework affirms the development of community banks.

There have recently been numerous arrests and seizure of assets of people participating in stockvels.  These actions violate the constitution and the natural rights of the people, and must stop. 

Further info posted at:



Appeal for Donations to Cover Court Costs

Appeal for Contributions to Cover Court Costs

Please support our action; we need to raise ZAR350,000 for this case ($22,890 USD).  1500 brave souls are required to donate ZAR200 (about $12 USD) to our court case expense fund.  Please spread the word in the interest and safety of we, the people, the real and only public; freely give and freely you will receive.

Please note that all donations are processed via PayPal and this crowdfunding platform works in USD.  Contributions in other currencies will be converted to USD by PayPal and will be displayed on this page in USD.



Baba Credo Mutwa

Blessings from Baba Credo Mutwa

Lah and David of Shamanzi visited Baba Credo Mutwa and brought back these messages. 

Baba sends greetings.  He is greatly pleased by what we all are doing.  In his old age he has fallen into some feelings of hopelessness, but once again the news about We The People rising more and more, about the international gathering, about the medicine folk gathering to join hands, and our music, brought him hope.  brother thomas, Baba is very grateful for all that you and all are doing. 

Mama Virginia and Baba Credo Mutwa have offered to enter into their ceremonial hut to pray on the day of the trial, so they will join us all in Spirit.



Signatures on National Referendum

Help Gather Signatures On the National Referendum

The People’s Referendum will be ongoing until the next national elections.  Our first goal is 50,000 signatures towards our court case by the end of September.  So far, we have about 10,000 names and we thank the people making the effort.  Please help collect signatures by downloading and printing the document here:



TOC image UZA

Founding of UZA

The Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa was decreed into session on the 10th Day of November 2013.





This is the case of “We, the People” v. our public servants who made a solemn oath to serve and protect we, the people; instead they are acting as agents for a CORPORATE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA in the interests of foreign corporations and in the interests of the foreign shareholders, which is un-constitutional! Anything un-constitutional is null and void, back to the beginning of the fraud. In the words of Ronnie Kasrils: “Our people were sold down the river.” Our court case will reveal the truth.

Urgent Notice — Change of Date

2016-01-15 Public Notice - Change of Date

Change of date, due to some teething problems; it is after all the very first trial and case before the ITNJ, and the decision was made to push the trial date until all requirements are met, hurdles taken and ducks as neatly and fairly as possible in a row; watch this space, the date could be announced at the end of January, possibly setting it down for end of February; bear with us, we all want this to happen, we are excited and exhausted, we've been onto this for three years now, a week or two won't really make a difference now.  thank you for your patience and continued support.
~ the common sense people

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