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Awareness is spreading like wildfire and it seems the people of the world have had enough. It is incumbent upon each of us to make ourselves aware of the harsh reality of trafficking and abuse…which not only claims millions of souls each year…but is the second most profitable industry on earth in the 21st century!

The ITNJ now stands sentinel as the shining beacon of truth and reconciliation in a world where law has become commerce and justice become the most corrupted pillar of our civilisation. This the first truly independent Judicial Commission of its kind, and has garnered tremendous international political and diplomatic advocacy.

To see the foundations and history of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, we direct your attention to The Sovereign Voice Magazine. The 2015 Commemorative Issue is full of articles, and filled with images and videos from the ITNJ Inauguration and Ceremonial Seating which took place in Westminster, London.

The Sovereign Voice - Inauguration Videos

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Thank you in Grace,
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ITNJ Law & Technical Commissioners:
  • Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Brannagh Barrister-at-Law,(Kings’ Inns, Dublin), Notary Public (Canterbury) International and Constitutional Lawyer.
  • Justice Dr. Chris Cleverly — (UK) LLB (Hons) Hon LLD
  • Associate Justice Ted Strong — (USA) Chief Justice: Confederated Tribes & Bands of the Yakama Nation | NAICJA
  • Robert David Steele Fmr. Operations Officer (C/O) in the Clandestine Service of the Central Intelligence Agency.
  • His Grace Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal Fmr. Bishop of Jerusalem, ITNJ Commissioner leading the ITNJ Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
  • Dounne Alexander, MBE — Awarded MBE for her work in health sovereignty
  • Dr Cynthia Ann McKinney Fmr. six-term US Representative for the State of Georgia, former US Presidential candidate for the Green Party.
  • Vanita Patel, MBE — Patron and Supporter of Anti-Slavery International, awarded MBE for her work in educating on and eradicating human slavery.
  • Justin Walker — Campaign Director, British Constitution Group, Fmr. Commissioned Officer: Yeomanry regiment (TA).
  • Stephen E. Arnold — Law Enforcement Trainer on Deep Web Discovery / Sense-Making Tools.
  • William Edward BinneyFmr. Technical Director National Security Agency; architect Thin Thread program within the rule of law, founder Pretty Good Knowledge.
  • Arno Reuser Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Pioneer and founder of the Dutch Military Intelligence OSINT Service, today CEO of Reuser’s Information Services
  • Tim Watson-Munro — Forensic Criminal Psychologist, ITNJ Commissioner leading the ITNJ Special Victims Unit